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Requirements to Obtain
a Spiritual Healer License

Those who have gone this way before have several suggestions you may want to read before getting started.  These suggestions will answer all of your questions and get you started on completing the requirements to become a Licensed Spiritual Healer. There are two requirements to obtain a Spiritual Healer License. These requirements are:

  1. Spiritual Coaching- (see our notes just below)
  2. Complete an Application, and
  3. Remit your $65 initial license fee (License renewals are $55 per year)

The License Board has arranged with the following coach workshops to satisfy our coaching requirement:

You may be in class with both Christians and non-Christians. Learning how to be tolerant of other faiths is important for all spiritual healers because we never know when we'll be called upon to assist a person in need who does not agree with our spirituality.

These workshops have very professional workshop facilitators and the Board recommends any of these services to you.


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